Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Heaps Peak Arboretum - Family Hike 1


With a five year old in tow, we try to go to outdoor locations that will allow him to run free in safety.  Developing a hiker in a small child requires patience.  The Heaps Peak Arboretum features a display of wildlife and demonstration gardens that are interesting to our older crowd as well as intrigued our little one.  The main attraction for both boys is the Sequoia Trail.  This time around the little one wanted to read each sign and discover the items that the sign was describing.  This lasted for the majority of the hike but I can imagine that it might not go over so well depending on the personality of the children.   Some Eagle Scout might have a great time making an App for the trial so that families could engage in slightly different ways.  The trail also got really crowded at times which created lines at the signs which we were not willing to wait in.  (Think Disneyland)

There were many key features we enjoyed about this hiking opportunity.  The ease of the trail was amazing, easy on everyone.  Carrying a 34 pound child was never necessary.  I saw many people using strollers and many parties had multiple generations doing the hike together.  The variety of what you see is also worth the trip.  All types of trees and views of places that are breathtaking.  We were there at the tail end of summer but I can imagine that the foot bridges going over running streams in the Winter and Spring would be amazing.  There were spots of great shade and some areas of the trail that were out in the open.  I started off wearing a sweater and had to put it around my waist for other portions of the hike.

We packed a lunch and ate it under the pine trees near the entrance.  Many of the hikers bring dogs but most everyone had them on leashes so they didn’t pose any issues with our family.  I can imagine that if you were there during low attendance you’d have some peace and quiet and see many birds and other wildlife.  A weekday hike might be just the key - the trail is open year around.

The favorite for our family was the Giant Sequoias.  We were able to stop a moment and enjoy their grandeur on one of the many benches throughout the trail.  

I highly recommend this as a quick hike to and from the other many attractions in the local mountains.  We spent the greater second half of our day enjoying Green Valley Lake but many other places are an easy drive.  Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory, etc.

COST:  $5 for a Adventure Pass (pay cash in the self-pay or on weekends the info booth is open from mid morning to early afternoon (check site for details)
RESTROOMS:  Why yes, they do have clean pit toilets.
LOCATION:  San Bernardino National Forest, right off Highway 18 between Crestline and Running Springs

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Donations accepted for the following...

I'm seeking donations for the following items.  Just send an email to me at and let me know which one(s) you want.   All unsold items will be available at a "live" sale in the near future plus much more!   Need to raise about $5,000 more for our adoption costs.


Off white, thin item with a great length, perfect for tying in a knot.  Warm acrylic yarn that is SOFT. (dimensions - "75 long, "3 wide, starting donation $20)

A bright blue, soft acrylic yarn.  The stitching allows for a lot of stretch, an infinity style twist scarf so it won't fall off.  Especially great for someone very active.  (dimensions - "44 long, "5 wide, starting donation $20)

COWL (2)

Wool, very warm, variegated yarn, soft and comfy.   One is deep, lots of crunches over the neck while the other is a bit less wide and less crunches.  Can also be used as a head/ear scarf (especially good to keep your hair out of your face) (narrow dimensions - "9.5 long, "9.5 wide, starting donation $20)  (wide dimensions - "11 long, "9.5 wide, starting donation $20)


This blanket was made a long time ago but never given to anyone.  A great unisex colorway - greens, whites and blues.  I'm five feet tall so you can tell it is pretty big but not so big to overwhelm a new little one.  Soft and warm made with acrylic yarn.  (dimensions - "36.5 long, "48 wide, starting donation $25)


(SOLD) Rustic Quilt inspired by Supertramp's The Logical Song 

Created as a part of my portfolio for college, a two scene quilt to be hung on a wall, one scene shows a person (me, at the time) sitting under a tree enjoy the "now" and being inspired by nature and all that is around her, the second scene shows the same person, older sitting under the same tree but completely being annoyed about being there, worrying about other things and wishing they were taking care of stuff. (dimensions - "22 long, "36 wide, starting donation $30)

(SOLD) Kitties Love Fish 

Donated top by a dear friend, Leslie, stitched and quilted by my Dear Mom.   Cute kitties dreaming of fish food.  Cute fish quilting under each kitty square.  The perfect wall hanging for someone who loves cats and dreaming.  Also a great gift idea for someone who loves fishing and is ok with eating fish.  :-)  (dimensions - "24 long, "24 wide, starting donation $75)


Reusable Toilet seat Covers and towel (3)

Are you the type of person who doesn't want to sit on a public toilet without a cover?   Get one of these bags that contain one cloth seat cover and one cloth towel.  Toss in the laundry after your trip and reuse again and again.  (dimensions, approximately "6 long, "9 wide, starting donations $5 each, $15 for three)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A water bottle cover

I have an ovarian cyst and one of the "old wives tales" states that you should avoid eating and drinking from plastic if you want to avoid getting more or to help remove the cyst.  I purchased a Kanteen brand water bottle and when I put it in my car's cup holder the "stainless" steal of the bottle made a clinking sound.  I didn't like this sound.

I decided to make a cover for my bottle.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I challenge college students to set their bar high and think of themselves as more than just a number, they have power.  I discuss big dreams, thinking outside the box and being challenged.  I provide gallons of enthusiasm juice.  I’m a realist that knows that the impossible is possible.  I include love in all I do to promote hope and happiness in the lives around me.

I’ve launched into the deep end of a project to start a school that will focus on the type of future world our earth will become.  An announcement will be sent soon for my school presentation which will happen in November 2016.  Is there anyone else who would like to join the community that will ultimately build this school?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


For as long as I can remember, I have had specific feelings about how others are treated by their fellow humans.  I have come to realize that this truth I've known since i was a little girl is grounded in my awareness of the facts around me. 

Here are a few examples:

Revenge - if you do something to me or someone I care about I want to do something bad to you or those you care about.  (This idea to me is the stupidest idea ever - why would you do something that you don't like?  That means that you are as evil as the person who did the bad thing to you or those you love, that means you are equal and just as stupid.  There is no end to revenge. ) Revenge is dumb.

Authority - those in authority will always make decisions that they feel is in the best interest of those that they have authority over but those in authority don't go talk and learn from those that they oversee.  Their decisions almost always cause grief for those they oversee.  Trust, kindness and autonomy are rarely given to those they oversee.

Capitalism - you own or a company where you ask someone to do a task for you and you'll pay them.  The tasks that they are doing provides profit for the company.  That profit is used to provide for the company (investment in the company, growth of the company, advances in the task, efficiencies, etc.) and then it is also used to pay the financial supporters of the company and the people who work for the company.  There is a point when the profit is so great that the company starts to give those profits to those in authority even when the workers are not getting enough to be able to care for themselves.  This is where greed of the company (the leadership) overshadows love and kindness.   This also applies to government, organized religion, etc.  Profits aren't used to bring about equality or quality but to give some people excess beyond what is needed to be happy and healthy therefore there are a lot of people who are not happy or healthy.  This is why I don't like rich people or capitalism, in theory it is great to have capitalism but very few people who run their companies do it in such a way that happiness and health are a top priority.  

I have more examples but I can't think of them at the moment.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Subjects for School

What if our kids had new goals as students in school?  Be Kind, Be Your Best, Be Lovable.  I think those are much better things to learn about and get good at than reading, writing and arithmetic.   I want my kids and all kids to learn about non-academic things because when I work with college students, their biggest issues aren't the academic parts, it is the "I'm not good enough", "I don't want to be embarrassed", "I'm doing it for someone else", "I don't know what I'll do with my degree", etc. issues.  If we changed what our kids learned and got good at in school these issues that I deal with on a regular basis would go away, and then the kids who start college could concentrate on learning something that would be applicable to their passions, not just to do it because that is what everyone says they should do.

Let's change what school is all about.   What new topics/subjects would you put into school?

And, the great thing is that others also think these new topics are important too.  I was reading about a study that was done where kindergartners were taught how to be more mindful, which in turn allowed them to be successful.  Duh!  Kindness Curriculum

I wonder what other little pockets of "alternative" topics are out there?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Husband's Shelves

My dear loves books.  He has quite the collection.  I have been pulling some of the books off his book shelves and reading them.  I recently read a book by Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri called "Shangri-La, The Return to the World of Lost Horizon".   I felt that it was a great story but had a lot of lack in the use of description and depth.  It also didn't end very well at all in my opinion - a bit disappointing and abrupt.

I am now more interested in trying to pick up Lost Horizon and finding out what that is all about.  I have been reading more and more material about China in the time of Mao's rule and I am fascinated by how terrible it all sounded.  There are so many times in history when I think back about how terrible things were for so many people.  No wonder there is so much anger and hostility on this planet.  If we think across history about how many terrible things humans did to each other it is obviously in our baggage.

I hope humans stop doing terrible things to each other and to themselves.