Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Quilt Creative vs. Nudge Consulting

Many years ago I thought of starting my own business to utilize the skills I've acknowledged over my 40 years. I thought I could do the business on the side and build it up and become my own boss. I did just that - I thought about it - a lot - but never did anything about it. I even drafted up brochures, told family and friends about my plans, looked up url's to purchase... I even wrote up a business plan. But I never did anything. Flash forward to now, I am taking all that I thought about and more to create a my very own business.

My business will feature the use of my creative skills. Whether it be thinking outside the box as a consultant or creating a special item with my sewing machine and anything in between, I am now in business to help others. I'll be posting a wide range of offerings for customers to choose from. Partnering with me will be something that brings out the best in me and the best in you for a solution that will please us both. I am excited and anxious about this new business venture but one thing that I am excited about, I get to now do the things I love. Wont you join me?