Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marketing and the laughter of children

I had a son for many years before having another son and now that I have two it is amazingly crazy fun. The way the first son makes the second son laugh is out of this world. Unbelievable. I wouldn't give that up for the world. He loves his brother so much. In fact I think their father and I are only here to allow them to be brothers. Do we even matter in the long run - sometimes it feels like we are just accessories to their relationship - like we are only there to make it happen for them!

I would like to work on my own business but having children and spending countless hours on a business doesn't seem like it would work out together. I know other people do it all the time but what does one need to sacrifice in order to have both? If I am passionate about both will I spend too much time on each one and then let myself go? Both physically and emotionally? Management of my time seems to be the trick, slow and steady will win this race I'd like to start - the race to have it all. If I structure my time and be purposeful in my use of time I should be able to be GREAT at both. I think I'm not the only one asking myself this question. family/business; family/artist; family/writer; family/athlete; family/hobbies; family/career; etc. Satisfaction in spending the right enough time for each has been obtained by many. It isn't a matter of 50/50 but of balance and priorities.

I can be involved in the things that I am good at and that I enjoy for each of the things I'm trying to do. I can pick and choose what I should and shouldn't do. I am smart enough and capable enough to make this happen.

Often times I think I know it all and then I attempt to show off. Being able to show off on this blog with my life is going to be one of the most rewarding parts of my latest endeavor, not showing off to others but showing off to myself - the most important thing to feed my ego and desire to keep on trying! If I can impress myself I should be able to impress anyone.

[note: I use blogger to write my entries. I just tried to direct my DNS to my paid for URL. Let's see if it works.]