Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pajama Pants

We are going to take your favorite Pajama Pants and re-create them in this class.  No pattern needed.  Just turn your pj's inside out and lay them down on a bed or the floor.  You'll need a tape meaure or a form of measuring.   You need to know how long your pants are and make sure to add approximately 3 inches to the top and an inch or two at the bottom.

This sample would give me a pant that is 40" long.  This measurement will allow you to know how much fabric to buy.  If you have extra wide pants you'll need to take that measurement as well in order to buy the correct amount of fabric.  To make this measurement you'll need to measure at the widest spot of the pant leg - typically near the crotch area.  These pants measure 20" wide.

Now to do the calculations.  Fabric comes in two widths - 45" (sometimes it isn't exactly 45 but is 44 or 46 inches wide.) or 60" wide (also not always exact).     You'll take your length meausurement and double it.  So for these pants you'd need 80" of fabric if you are buying 45" wide fabric.   So if a yard is 36" long you'd need to divide 36" into 80" - therefore you'd need 2.222 yards - or 2.50 yards to be safe.

If the fabric is 60" wide you'd need the same amount of fabric.

So if you have pant legs that are wider than 20" you'll need to buy 60" fabric so that you can cut out your pant pieces such as this layout.  You'll see the 60" fabric is folded in half here so if your pants are wider than 30" then you'll need to go to another option.

"another option" - for pant legs wider than 30" - as you can see here this is an image showing someone's pant leg under 20" because they can fit two leg pieces on one 45" of fabric.  Pretend #7 is not there and your pant leg is 38" wide - therefore you'd then have room if you bought your length of pants doubled to fit that one pant leg.  So therefore you'd just need to buy two more times that to fit the second pant let.  For clarification, here is an example, your pant leg from picture #2 above is 36" wide and your pant length from picture #1 is 48" wide.  You'll need to buy 48" x 4 = 192 (so yardage would be 192" divided by 36" = 5.333 (5.50 yards)  that way you'll have enough for both pant legs.

Let me know if you have any questions this week when you go to buy your fabric.  We will not be adding pockets to your pants as this class doesn't allow for that with the amount of time we'll have.   You'll be using either a draw string or elastic to keep your pants up in this class.  Be sure to bring enough elastic if you want elastic.

I found this tutorial very helpful when making my pants:

Seating is limited - sign up soon if you'd like to attend!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I couldn't do that...

I hear this a lot when I have a student across the desk from me.

I wonder where we get this idea that we can't do things?  We can really do anything but for some reason the attitude of "I can't" seems to stop us from trying to do ANYTHING.

Does it come from our parents?  Society?  Past failures that didn't give the lessons they were supposed to?

There are students who say to me "Why can't I do that?" and I have to explain that because of the rules they aren't allowed to do that.  I love it when sometimes they say that they are going to go get the rule changed or that they are going to ask for an exception.  (I always say: "it is better to get a NO than to not have asked at all")

Everyone is so different.  Everyone comes to the table with their own experiences which shape how they can do things or not do things.  I wish I could help those who say "they can't" learn to say "they can!"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

where does it come from?

I've been reading labels on my food lately, wondering what is in my food I'm buying.  Sometimes I find words that make no sense to me and I have to look them up - or they are so weird I don't buy the item because I don't want to bring something so unidentifable into my home.  I keep trying to figure out what these things are in my food.

Then I started to think, where does this stuff come from and why aren't there labels on the other things I buy?  I know my clothing normally tells me the country of origin, mostly china for anything plastic.  A lot of my clothing comes from south east Asian countries.   I wish the label told me more.  I also wish that I had an "ingredients" label for the electronics I buy.  No wonder we are all so fine with buying new versions of electronics all the time, we have no idea what had to happen to get the elements in our electronics.  If we knew the ingredients and then learned how humans obtained those items we might think twice about getting a new toaster or cell phone at the drop of a hat.  I tried to do some research on things I buy or are thinking of buying:

1)   A new dresser for my bedroom:  Where did the wood come from?  Who harvested the wood?  Who cut it up and constructed my dressor?

2) When I was getting married my dear love asked me what type of ring I wanted:  where do those diamonds come from?  Where does the metal come from?

3) I love to quilt, there are stores and stores selling fabric - really cute fabric with all kinds of patterns and colors, to cut up and sew back together again to make amazing quilts - but where does the fabric come from?  What had to happen to make that fabric and those prints?

And then the thing that got me to write this entries on my blog - HUMAN HAIR extensions:

I found the following links to some movies and such on the subject.  WTH?  Crazy!

So these four items don't come with lists of locations or answers to my questions.  In fact you can't find answers to those questions unless you are buying from a company that wants us to know - and then I was even feeling like they could lie and say that all is well just so we'd be comfortable in buying the product.  (Especially as I watched video and read info from hair extension companies - they didn't sound believeable).

I am amazed that this isn't a bigger concern for us - for consumers - why don't we want to know these details?  I know it makes things harder to deal with but really - our money makes the world go around - I for one want to make sure the money I'm spending has the type of impact I want to have on the world.  Not just blindly influencing things I want no part of.

I want "labels" on everything.  Thank you, please.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't Give Up - you want a nice Tattoo.

In a ten week quarter it sometimes seems that if you didn't do well the first 8 weeks academically that you should just give up.  Don't do that.  Two weeks and finals can make a big difference between D's/F's and C's and B's.  Really it can.  And those changes in grades can make a big difference in becoming dismissed or being able to stay.

I don't think we spend enough time explaining the consequences of being dismissed from a university.  It is like getting a tattoo, in fact everything about your academic record - your grades/transcripts, the classes you pick to take, the professors you decide to talk to or not talk to, the length of time it takes you to complete your degree, the type of school you attend, and your judicial record at your institution all make a big difference on what your "school" tattoo will look like.  You can't change what it looks like, once it is there it is there.  Always.

This is why I ask you, please, do not give up.  Little bits of effort do make a difference. Little parts of your academic career make a difference.  If you keep on trying (no matter how terrible it all seems) it will make or break what your tattoo will look like.

Countless times I have to remember that you'll not believe me until you live through it.  It is like I'm your mom and if I tell you one thing you won't believe me because you know better but I have had many "children" in your same situation and it always turns out the same.  Time and time again, I hear, "I wish I had listened to you".  I wish you had.

PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP - those last few weeks, few days, few hours, all make a difference.  A big difference.

X-Stitch Class - Book Mark

On Sunday, August 11 I'll be holding a test class for learning how to do counted cross stitch.  We'll be making a bookmark.  Please select from one of the following three colors and be sure to let me know which color you'd like when you sign up on the evite invite. (OR ask your local Joann's/Michaels' if they have a preprepared bookmark to bring - they cost a few bucks if they have them in stock.)

I have limited space of 6 students so be sure to sign up fast before all the spots are taken.  Ages 10+

All supplies provided, bring our favorite scissors to snip the threads and if you aren't a spring chicken please don't forget your glasses so you can see the small holes on the fabric.  (I'll have needle threaders!)

Hope to see you soon - other classes will be announced for Sept. - Dec. as I plan them.

Just some of the many threads we'll be using to make our book mark. 
Your choices of bookmark color are: tan, cream, or blue.

Or if you don't like my colors you can see if your local retailer has any premade bookmarks in stock and you could bring one - this is the one I bought!

See how it comes with the pretty sides?  The other types (which are free for this class) will be pretty cute too!  :-)
close up!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the Dark

How many people write in the dark in movie theatres?  Am I the only one?  Lined paper is now unused and tossed aside because I can't see it at all.  Anything is possible.  What do I want to be as possible?  Do I want to work hard enough to make it possible?  What if I start small and then work harder to make the #1 thing happen?

For as long as humans have been around there has been good/bad.  Has this ever changed?  No, it hasn't.  Will it ever go away?  Does it then affect anything I'll do in my impossible being possible.  So the main question is does my work matter?  So it can only matter to me because it will never change the ying/yang but it will change me.  I will be changed and since my life is run by my ego that is what matters the most to me.  That I am doing the impossible.  Because I've been given the ability to do anything I have the power to do whatever I decide to do.  Anything!!!

Now that I've figured that out I need to decide what impossible thing I'll do?  Writing in the dark is the start of my impossible things I'll accomplish...

When I get cards in the mail from my students who write words that show me that what I does matters I remember I am accomplishing something in my work.  A college advisor does matter - one person at a time, we matter.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Never Had A Job? What do you call college then?

When I'm helping my students with their resumes' I often hear "But I've never had a job".  I remind them that attending college is a "JOB".  Really, the days of going to college to play and "find yourself" only are over.  You are working...  there are many transferable skills that one needs to have already or gain while being a college student.  Highlight these skills under the "education" section of your resume.

You can "juggle" multiple deadlines successfully, you can manage your time efficiently, you can write reports and descriptions of tasks, you can delegate and work with teams, you can.......what have you learned in your last term?  In your last club you were a member of?  In living with room mates and having new found friends?   All of these are skills you can put down on your resume and are things you can refer to in your job interview or your professional school interview.

Your time as a college student has given you added abilities, highlight those!  Think and reflect on your experiences, I guarantee you'll have a full list of items to add to your "college job" section of your resume.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Other Blogs

Are there other blogs out there about giving advice to college students?  I'm searching for them and wonder where they are?  Are they specific to just one school?  One program?  One type of student?  What is my blog?  What type of blog is it?  These are the ones I've found recently.

Help me out by sending me links to ones you find.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who are you?

"What do you want to be when you grow up"

To me this is one of the silliest questions asked in this day and age.  First, everyone is going to continue to "be" themselves no matter when it is in their lives and figuring out who "you" are is more important than figuring out what you want to "be".  When do we get a chance to work on the "you" part of being and then once that is figured out we can decide on the "be" part.

In this day and age "being" something isn't like it used to be.  We no longer acquire knowledge on a subject and then use that knowledge for a particular career for the rest of our lives anymore.  Very few of my students will find themselves in this boat.  Most of them will decide to do one thing after college and then they will "be" something else completely for the long haul.  That is mostly because they didn't work hard enough on the REAL question everyone should be asking since Kindergarten:  "Who are you?"

In fact, I propose that most of my students should explore this question by gaining experiences before they spend blood sweat and tears (and a whole bunch of their own or someone elses money) to attend college.

By taking chances and making mistakes we as a human get to know ourselves more and more.  How we react to choosing something and how we pick ourselves up off the ground when we fail illustrates to us so much about ourselves.  I'd rather have my students decide they want to be an attorney, a doctor, a school teacher after they've experienced some of these life lessons.  They will be so much more confident and more knowledgeable about what will bring them joy and what they will be skilled at doing.  This seems to be a much better way of knowing what to "major" in and also how well they should major in it.

Don't ask your nephew the next time you see him, what he wants to be when he grows up, instead ask him Who he is?  I will venture to say this profound question will impact him much more than asking him the question that isn't serving the human race well anymore.

As I also raise children in my spare time I have come to enjoy a certain video, we watch it together over and over - it is a great example of how simple it is to answer the question "Who Am I?"  Check it out: