Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the Dark

How many people write in the dark in movie theatres?  Am I the only one?  Lined paper is now unused and tossed aside because I can't see it at all.  Anything is possible.  What do I want to be as possible?  Do I want to work hard enough to make it possible?  What if I start small and then work harder to make the #1 thing happen?

For as long as humans have been around there has been good/bad.  Has this ever changed?  No, it hasn't.  Will it ever go away?  Does it then affect anything I'll do in my impossible being possible.  So the main question is does my work matter?  So it can only matter to me because it will never change the ying/yang but it will change me.  I will be changed and since my life is run by my ego that is what matters the most to me.  That I am doing the impossible.  Because I've been given the ability to do anything I have the power to do whatever I decide to do.  Anything!!!

Now that I've figured that out I need to decide what impossible thing I'll do?  Writing in the dark is the start of my impossible things I'll accomplish...

When I get cards in the mail from my students who write words that show me that what I does matters I remember I am accomplishing something in my work.  A college advisor does matter - one person at a time, we matter.

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