Sunday, July 14, 2013

Never Had A Job? What do you call college then?

When I'm helping my students with their resumes' I often hear "But I've never had a job".  I remind them that attending college is a "JOB".  Really, the days of going to college to play and "find yourself" only are over.  You are working...  there are many transferable skills that one needs to have already or gain while being a college student.  Highlight these skills under the "education" section of your resume.

You can "juggle" multiple deadlines successfully, you can manage your time efficiently, you can write reports and descriptions of tasks, you can delegate and work with teams, you can.......what have you learned in your last term?  In your last club you were a member of?  In living with room mates and having new found friends?   All of these are skills you can put down on your resume and are things you can refer to in your job interview or your professional school interview.

Your time as a college student has given you added abilities, highlight those!  Think and reflect on your experiences, I guarantee you'll have a full list of items to add to your "college job" section of your resume.

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