Sunday, August 4, 2013

where does it come from?

I've been reading labels on my food lately, wondering what is in my food I'm buying.  Sometimes I find words that make no sense to me and I have to look them up - or they are so weird I don't buy the item because I don't want to bring something so unidentifable into my home.  I keep trying to figure out what these things are in my food.

Then I started to think, where does this stuff come from and why aren't there labels on the other things I buy?  I know my clothing normally tells me the country of origin, mostly china for anything plastic.  A lot of my clothing comes from south east Asian countries.   I wish the label told me more.  I also wish that I had an "ingredients" label for the electronics I buy.  No wonder we are all so fine with buying new versions of electronics all the time, we have no idea what had to happen to get the elements in our electronics.  If we knew the ingredients and then learned how humans obtained those items we might think twice about getting a new toaster or cell phone at the drop of a hat.  I tried to do some research on things I buy or are thinking of buying:

1)   A new dresser for my bedroom:  Where did the wood come from?  Who harvested the wood?  Who cut it up and constructed my dressor?

2) When I was getting married my dear love asked me what type of ring I wanted:  where do those diamonds come from?  Where does the metal come from?

3) I love to quilt, there are stores and stores selling fabric - really cute fabric with all kinds of patterns and colors, to cut up and sew back together again to make amazing quilts - but where does the fabric come from?  What had to happen to make that fabric and those prints?

And then the thing that got me to write this entries on my blog - HUMAN HAIR extensions:

I found the following links to some movies and such on the subject.  WTH?  Crazy!

So these four items don't come with lists of locations or answers to my questions.  In fact you can't find answers to those questions unless you are buying from a company that wants us to know - and then I was even feeling like they could lie and say that all is well just so we'd be comfortable in buying the product.  (Especially as I watched video and read info from hair extension companies - they didn't sound believeable).

I am amazed that this isn't a bigger concern for us - for consumers - why don't we want to know these details?  I know it makes things harder to deal with but really - our money makes the world go around - I for one want to make sure the money I'm spending has the type of impact I want to have on the world.  Not just blindly influencing things I want no part of.

I want "labels" on everything.  Thank you, please.

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