Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pajama Pants

We are going to take your favorite Pajama Pants and re-create them in this class.  No pattern needed.  Just turn your pj's inside out and lay them down on a bed or the floor.  You'll need a tape meaure or a form of measuring.   You need to know how long your pants are and make sure to add approximately 3 inches to the top and an inch or two at the bottom.

This sample would give me a pant that is 40" long.  This measurement will allow you to know how much fabric to buy.  If you have extra wide pants you'll need to take that measurement as well in order to buy the correct amount of fabric.  To make this measurement you'll need to measure at the widest spot of the pant leg - typically near the crotch area.  These pants measure 20" wide.

Now to do the calculations.  Fabric comes in two widths - 45" (sometimes it isn't exactly 45 but is 44 or 46 inches wide.) or 60" wide (also not always exact).     You'll take your length meausurement and double it.  So for these pants you'd need 80" of fabric if you are buying 45" wide fabric.   So if a yard is 36" long you'd need to divide 36" into 80" - therefore you'd need 2.222 yards - or 2.50 yards to be safe.

If the fabric is 60" wide you'd need the same amount of fabric.

So if you have pant legs that are wider than 20" you'll need to buy 60" fabric so that you can cut out your pant pieces such as this layout.  You'll see the 60" fabric is folded in half here so if your pants are wider than 30" then you'll need to go to another option.

"another option" - for pant legs wider than 30" - as you can see here this is an image showing someone's pant leg under 20" because they can fit two leg pieces on one 45" of fabric.  Pretend #7 is not there and your pant leg is 38" wide - therefore you'd then have room if you bought your length of pants doubled to fit that one pant leg.  So therefore you'd just need to buy two more times that to fit the second pant let.  For clarification, here is an example, your pant leg from picture #2 above is 36" wide and your pant length from picture #1 is 48" wide.  You'll need to buy 48" x 4 = 192 (so yardage would be 192" divided by 36" = 5.333 (5.50 yards)  that way you'll have enough for both pant legs.

Let me know if you have any questions this week when you go to buy your fabric.  We will not be adding pockets to your pants as this class doesn't allow for that with the amount of time we'll have.   You'll be using either a draw string or elastic to keep your pants up in this class.  Be sure to bring enough elastic if you want elastic.

I found this tutorial very helpful when making my pants:

Seating is limited - sign up soon if you'd like to attend!