Saturday, January 4, 2014

365 (a figment of Time)

There is a trend for people to document a new habit or something they are trying out.  Then the person who does this writes a blog about it and then a book deal is made and then possibly a movie.  Wow!  How nice that they get that kind of attention.  (these projects range from taking a picture a day, walking across the country, etc.)  I too want to do one of these but not for the attention or a passive stream of income (ads off your blog) but to get in the habit of doing something for myself that will better myself.  I think it would be fun to do this if I had a purpose to accomplish in 365 days.  At this time my purpose is too broad to use this tool as a guide.  I want to accomplish too much.

There is another reason to do this - to inspire others.  If I can do it then maybe they'll think they can do it also.  If I post a blog entry every day for 365 days in a row would that be inspiring?  It would depend on what I have to say for those 365 days.  It would depend on who sees my entries.  It would depend on if that person was ready to be inspired.

A big part of me would want to do this for myself first off so that I would have a historical reference for my own personal accomplishment.  I feel this would be a great way to understand myself and the process I'm undertaking to make change in my world (which would then make change for everyone else).  Documentation in this format is something that is benefical to me and to others.  I do feel that I would be just joining the bandwagon of what is a "phenomenon" due to the social media fad.  But is is a fad?  I do think there is an aspect of it that is "fad like" but I'm not sure it is doing to go away anytime soon.

Fine print, by posting my progress would I then be giving my content to google?  I need to read the fine print, my assumption is that if you use a free serve on the interwebs you are giving up your ownership of your content.  In order to possess ownership I would need to find another method to create my 365 blog.  Would this be necessary if I am doing this just to show others what I did?  If my intention is to make money off the 365 days then I should do my research.