Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cards for Business...and existing...

So I am seriously planning on starting my own business; the business of working with people to do things.  What things? Anything really - anything that I feel is fruitful for creating a positive world.  Contact me!  It will be great.  Here are the first eight of my business cards.  Aren't they cute?  I think so.

I am interested in doing business by using the "exchange" method of payment.  I want to do something and in payment I'll receive something back.  Some people consider this "bartering" or exchanging something for something.  I basically would like to operate using an alternative currency.  I'm not too happy with the one that most people use.  There are a couple of things that will happen when doing this - I'll have to learn to trust people, I'll need to build communities of people I am going to be working with, being in relationship with others, and trusting and building hope in society as a whole.  I feel this is going to be much more positive than what is currently happening.

I have no idea if it would work but I think it might be a great start to my business.  Something where I can start a business without worrying about "credit" or "having a business account".  I wonder where there is a law against this type of operation.  I wonder if I can call my business something else - instead of "owning my own business" I could call it something else.  Owning my own existence?  Quiting my current job and creating my own existence instead.

Sometimes I think that I am going too off a totally different path but there are a ton of people who think this way too.  I just need to find them and work with them to exist.  And then all will be well with me.

Where are you "positive existence people"?

I am looking for you!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rhythms of Life

The fact of the matter is that I am not really good at writing.  I didn't pay attention in school regarding grammar rules or spelling clues or anything like that.  I was mostly observing people in school.  Not academics.  I some how missed out in getting instruction in fractions in 2nd grade.  The teachers were in the process of putting the kids in ability blocks and we were rotating from teacher to teacher learning math, our block accidentally skipped the "fraction" section.  I must have paid attention enough since I was able to graduate high school with a 3.0 and obtain a bachelor's degree but the idea of going to graduate school to use my academics is not appealing at all.  I don't feel prepared for that part of graduate school but I am excited about the possibility of having conversations with my peers of the academic nature.  When creating a pro and con list for graduate school there are definitely more items on the pro side.

In order to apply and get myself into a program I first need to convenience myself that I have the wherewith all to succeed academically.  Then when I do that I can work on convincing the program administration that they can trust I'll be able to succeed academically.  Finally I need to find the money and the time to succeed in the program.  A journey for sure.

As I work with college students I see myself taking my own advice while they are trying to decide if they should go to graduate school.  I suggest writing a pro/con list and figuring out if the rhythm of their life should lead to more school or not.

The rhythm of my life sure is pointing in that direction for me.  A journey that will be a wild ride but sure will be something to document and enjoy immensely!