Thursday, May 22, 2014

Natural Dye Job

Why don't I color my hair to hide the gray?  I am asked this a lot.  Here are just a few reasons.

I believe that when "beauty" products are used we do a few things:

  • we make life too complicated
  • we buy too much stuff that creates unneeded trash in the world - mascara bottles from age 16years to let's just say 66 years old - at 2 per year = 100 bottles, and then time 50 years with all the other products
  • we perpectuate the reality that some people take these beauty things so seriously that they actually believe that they don't look good without the products.  I think this is SAD.  I personally love how people look with nothing on, clothes are fine but why put chemicals on your skin to change how you look.  Today on my birthday I noticed that I have sun splotch marks on my cheeks near my ears.  I think it does look weird sometimes when I notice but I'm not going to go run and find a "product" to cover them up or change how I look. 
  • we are restricted to the "need" to use them over and over again - costing money that many people don't have, putting on make up or dying your hair color is a "want" not a need.  
  • we create an idea that there is something wrong with being older than we were yesterday and we devalue the person as a wiser elder to go to for advice and help or even go to them for assistance.  If I am always trying to look younger I am not going to be taken as a elder, I am a great elder.  I take my position as an elder very seriously!

I will never dye my hair because I know that I do not want to participate in these 5 things in ways that are negative.   Now if you color your hair because you just want to go from brown to blond or blond to red, or some other combination then that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

The great thing though is that I am saying all this for myself, for my purposes, for my love of life and my self.  If someone else wants to have dyed hair or use "beauty" products I am not casting any judgement.  I welcome you to do what you want.  The only exception I make is when you tell me that I should wear make-up, or dye my hair, or use high heels, etc.  If you do that then you are telling me that I am not good enough the way I come - natural.  You are suggesting that I should change.  Please do keep your opinion to yourself.  I make these distinctions for myself and I make them in a general way so that I don't offend anyone whom I know and love who embraces their non-natural ways whole heartedly, as long as you don't involve me, we are good to go.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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