Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why I Hate Holidays?

I don't like holidays because they are a sign to me that our society is sick.  We shouldn't be celebrating specific "types" of days, if we were mentally healthy humans we would be celebrating every moment of our lives.  We would be paying attention to our lives enough to hug and thank our mothers each moment they are amazing to us.  If you step back and think about it - your mother, your "valentine", your father, your loved ones all have their moments on a very regular basis.  All the other holiday's are the same, if you love our country you should be celebrating it all the time not just on select days of the year.  If you honor our veterans you should be helping them year around not just on a holiday.  

If you are a person in this society who rejects this sick way of operating as a human you get the exact reaction that I'm trying to avoid.  You get judgement, you get concern about how others treat you depending on what you "get" for recognition of being a mom, or what you didn't have to do on the day you are supposed to be "taking the day off".  That is sick.  Do you people hear yourself.  I want recognition 365 days a year.  I want to feel happy about the "birth" of my child 365 days a year not just on their birthday, or the day they "graduate" or some other milestone that is supposed to "mean" more than the rest of the days.  That sounds unhealthy to me.  I want to shower all my people with love and gifts all the time.

I hate holidays because they breed a feeling in so many that they aren't good enough - aren't good enough to be one of those things that is being celebrated.  I know a lot of people who aren't a mom, aren't a dad, aren't a son or a daughter to anyone who is alive.  They aren't a veteran nor have done anything in their lives that would match up to an official holiday.  I don't want to rob them of the gloriousness of being alive and a human who is loving, kind and amazing.  If you want to "include" people and make things so much better in the world with your "holidays" than you should also include "You are a loving person" day and we should all get the day off of work to go hang out with Loving People.  This would get ridiculous, we'd need to take every day off all year long to "celebrate" it all.  

I propose you make everyday a "holiday" so that we are celebrating the fact that we got up today, that we knew someone who used to get up, and that new people are getting up.  These are at minimum enough to celebrate 10 fold all the stuff we currently spend so much attention on.  I want the in-between days to be just as important as all those made up holidays. 

Keep your gifts for when you are "listening" to me when I say I "need' or "wish" and get it for me just because, not because a particular holiday has come about.  

I HATE HOLIDAYS!  And no, I'm never going to be Santa again!

[I've been thinking about this topic for years, I have felt stronger and stronger feelings about this issue lately, first this year with the holiday's and me not wanting to teach Alan about Santa, my still hating on Valentines day and how stupid I feel it is and then I decided to write it this 2014 during Mother's Day, then I looked it over again on Father's Day of the same year and decided that I still believe it all therefore I have decided to post it on my site.  I especially wrote this because of the time I spend on Facebook and seeing everyone changing their profile pictures and writing special messages to their loved ones.  These things do not sit well with me.  I really should get off of facebook.  The part of it that I like is to keep up with how things are going with friends and acquaintances in their everyday lives and to see Quotes and images that are positive and remind me of things I hold dear.  Finding a balance is important and will need to be decided on.]