Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Husband's Shelves

My dear loves books.  He has quite the collection.  I have been pulling some of the books off his book shelves and reading them.  I recently read a book by Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri called "Shangri-La, The Return to the World of Lost Horizon".   I felt that it was a great story but had a lot of lack in the use of description and depth.  It also didn't end very well at all in my opinion - a bit disappointing and abrupt.

I am now more interested in trying to pick up Lost Horizon and finding out what that is all about.  I have been reading more and more material about China in the time of Mao's rule and I am fascinated by how terrible it all sounded.  There are so many times in history when I think back about how terrible things were for so many people.  No wonder there is so much anger and hostility on this planet.  If we think across history about how many terrible things humans did to each other it is obviously in our baggage.

I hope humans stop doing terrible things to each other and to themselves.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Introducing Nudge Enterprises

I'll be starting my own business, currently this new business will be called Nudge Enterprises LLC. I'll be doing consulting work of all types, from life coaching to sewing projects; from reality checks to unique approaches to solutions to a problem.  If I feel I can help then I'll be offering it as a service.

The push for this business is to create space for me to engage with my children educationally - for lack of a better word - and allow me to become the mentor/mom/seeker that they both would benefit from.  Freedom to do this for other humans as well - all ages, all types, exploring life and being the best humans we can be.  I am living the life I feel is filled with love and understanding.  One where we bring our own personal talents together to be in a healthy space.  One where we embrace fear and love equally so that we can be more authentic to ourselves and learn from each other to increase our impact on a daily basis.

More updates as they come, any and all feedback is appreciated.