Tuesday, October 1, 2019

OctPoWriMo - One Poem a Day for the Month of October

Oct 1

Pitch Black
Soul fire 

Todays' poem is influenced by Adam Roa's podcast Deep Dive, specifically this episode:  https://soundcloud.com/adamroa/deep-dive-musings-emotions-are-the-key-to-manifesting-your-dreams

Limits No More
beliefs are dynamic - flowing and maturing
fueled by a deep yearning to influence
dancing around the fire feeling my emotions
watching them
feeling the toes connecting the links from me to you

darkness rests your vision
total darkness feels lonely but being there allows you to see more

so many pinballs of emotions to dodge and grab as the soul desires

desire fuels our path  all decisions all changes all connection

in relation with my limits to hold the belief accountable to take off and change - to be new to keep up with my NoW!

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