Helping Make Change

I am on a quest to help the world change.  Starting with myself and moving to my family and other loved ones.  I'd also love to help others make their changes.  These would then help the world change and we could all live differently.

I am a firm believer that just because something has always been that way or that it has always been done that way that it still needs to be that way or be done that way.  We can change the words we use, the way we treat others, the way we interact, the way we teach, the way to buy things, etc.  All this can change and change for the better.  I want to be a part of moving us towards doing things that are more healthy and whole than what is happening now.

I am on a quest to use my helping skills in a more purposeful and impactful way.  I want the freedom to help MORE and I'd love to start doing this by publically declaring my own changes and illustrating them via my blog and site.

I am looking into become a "coach" and become certified by one of the two "official" organizations that dubs you capable to coach.  Once I've done a thorough investigation into this I'll decide if I've found a home for the development of my "nudging" skills.  If I do find a home I'll become official using an old method of beaurocrecy.  One of the main hestiations I have is that beaurocrecy is one of the main things that need to change.  Therefore if I am on a quest to change things why would I use the very system that I am hoping to change to make the change?  Good question me!  I have to search the depths of my being to answer this and stay true to the truth I know is for me.  This truth will answer my questions.  It is time to listen more and act on my intuition of my listening to move forward to achieve the quantity and quality of change I'd like to see.

The word Nudge means "

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